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“Peter is one of the best creative minds I have ever had the pleasure of working with... absolute professional!”

— Barry Lee | Vice President | inField Clipboard – Markham, Ontario

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"Working with Peter Beach has been fantastic!  He clearly has a passion for what he does, and always is willing to take the time and effort necessary to satisfy his clients and create the best possible solutions to a project. Whether it’s creating ads, signage, images, brochures, whitepapers, flyers, making edits to old materials or just providing helpful knowledge and advice, Peter does a great job! 

He has the ability to follow strict corporate guidelines or branch out to the new & crazy ideas in an attempt to define a fresh vision. Peter is very organized and does a fantastic job of communicating with you to make sure everything is taken care of and all deadlines will be met.  In addition, he is always willing to help with other needs by sharing his professional network/recommendations; I needed to print new booth graphics and banners and Peter directed me to an excellent, local printer.

The best part of working with Peter is he includes his creative touch and ideas whenever necessary. I’ve worked with other designers in the past who have just done what was asked and nothing more. He has no problem sharing his thoughts to ultimately, make the best possible piece; this is extremely helpful in getting a different, talented vision and perspective that you may have not considered before on all your marketing projects.

I would highly recommend Peter to anyone needing professional, clean and dependable corporate graphic design work."

— Mark Busa | Marketing Programs Manager | Kronos Incorporated – Lowell, Massachusetts

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Peter has been a pleasure to work with!

Every time I have a creative project that needs to get done quickly, I immediately think of coming to Peter for help because I know he will get the work done as quickly as he possible can. But not only that, he will also get it done well! The final result won’t be rushed and haphazardly finished… it will be exactly what I am looking for!

Additionally, Peter is really easy to work with and doesn’t stress me out or make me feel bad when I have a million, tiny edit requests. Even if it pains him, I don’t know it. He takes all the feedback back gracefully and doesn’t complain. But, that isn’t to say that he will just blindly do what I ask - I am not a designer and if he truly doesn’t believe something will look good, he lets me know his POV and clearly explains why it might be the better way to go. Oftentimes he is right.

I have worked with Peter on a few different projects already and I intend to work with him again in the near future!

— Alla Vintsevsky  | Digital Marketing Manager | TomTom, Inc - Burlington, MA

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"Your creative prowess is legendary."

— Phineas Gay | Head of Marketing Services | Cognizant Technology Solutions - Holliston, MA

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"I first met Peter when working on the launch of Red Bull Media House's Film "On Any Sunday."

As a marketing and creative expert and the driving force behind the motorsports lifestyle brand "Old Soul Young Blood", Peter was the perfect partner!

In addition to being able to reach and curate the perfect group of individuals, Peter utilized his vast experience in developing and executing creative assets to help support the project; this included but was not limited to: social media artwork driving consumers to the premiere, invites, flyers and most importantly a professional grade recap video highlighting the activation.

Unlike other partners I've worked with, Peter took complete ownership of this project and never asked "What's in it for me?" going above and beyond any expectations I would have had for a strategic partnership. As a result of his creative genius, we had a dedicated ride out to the film, a full theater, a raging after-party and amazing creative assets to show for it.

I would recommend Peter as a strategic marketing partner for any brand or company looking to reach a dedicated audience of vintage motorsports lovers OR for individual long-term projects to develop and execute stellar creative assets."

— Tiffany Rosen | Field Marketing Manager | Red Bull North America

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"If God is indeed in the details, Peter's work should be enshrined. The consummate pro: delivering higher quality, on time and with greater value than any other designer or illustrator I've worked with. Remarkably versatile and dedicated to his clients.

I've known and worked with Peter on many projects over several decades. Originally, I tapped into his world-class skills as an illustrator, but our relationship has transformed as both our skill sets have adapted to changing markets and technologies.

These days I could tap Peter for a myriad of roles but especially for his insight and abilities as a content creator and manager of social media design and programs. I've seen Peter take one brand, Old Soul Young Blood, and morph it into a powerhouse social presence; he took a from-scratch idea and molded it into a lifestyle brand for a worldwide market.

If I need a top gun designer and social media manager for any of my clients, Pete will get the call ...and I'll be the hero."

— Jim Grenier | Owner / Creative Director | Renegade Studios - Salisbury, MA

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"Peter Beach is by far the best, most dedicated graphic designer I have used. pbeach operates as a well-oiled machine with exceptional turn-around time and focus on assigned tasks. He has never disappointed and his work is clean, consistent and reliable. I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a trustworthy graphic designer who also provides insight, artistic direction and influence on the work he is creating.

Peter's passion for graphic design shines just like his outgoing, friendly personality."

— Kelly Bregman | Event Communications Marketing Manager | Seismic Software – Boston, Massachusetts

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"Working with Peter was fantastic!

He quickly grasped exactly what I needed and delivered a finished product that not only blew our company away, but more importantly, our clients. And to top it off, he accomplished it in record setting time! - to say that he performs well under pressure would be a big understatement!!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Peter and won't use anyone else!!"

— Scott Sharp | veteran IndyCar Series and American LeMans Series driver | car sponsor: Patrón

[re: Peter's concept and design execution for Patrón's hospitality venue and related event components - in celebration of Patron's inaugural season as the lead sponsor of Scott's IRL car]

project-related quote: "We could have put up some poles and a tent for our hospitality area, but quite simply, that wouldn't be Patrón," said Ed Brown, president and CEO of the Las Vegas-based Patrón Spirits Company. "The world's highest-quality tequila deserves the best, most comfortable venue we could build - of course, Club Patrón is more than just a relaxing place to enjoy our products. We built this unique venue to help celebrate our sponsorship of Scott Sharp and the Rahal Letterman team, and the excitement of IndyCar racing."

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"Peter Beach will make you look good, and he'll make your life easier. He'll understand your vision and help you present it to the world.

I've worked with Peter for years – on many types of projects. I've always appreciated his talent and his versatility, but just as importantly, I've appreciated his process – his work ethic. Peter is the proverbial team player. He listens. He understands. He makes excellent and intelligent suggestions based on his vast experience. [He's definitely not one of those designers who designs for his own ego and portfolio!] He's great at finding creative solutions for sticky problems. He's technically savvy in both digital and print production. He's serious about setting and meeting deadlines.

You will receive the highest quality in product and process when you work with Peter."

— Jan Howarth | Independent writer/editor | Gloucester, MA

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"Best in the industry! Experienced creative designer with a mature portfolio. Peter Beach possesses all the qualities one looks for in a freelance creative consultant: professionalism, reliability, integrity, and a strategist that yields results. My go-to for all things creative! - M"

— Marlene Drori | Assistant Vice President, Program Development | Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL

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"You're an over-delivering miracle maker!!!"

— Franklin Simms | Hanger12 - Chicago, IL

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"My experience working with Peter was incredible.

His passion for graphic illustration and event marketing is unparalleled to other designers and graphic artists I've worked with in my 8 years in the business. In addition to his amazing artistic talent, he fully understands the business side of marketing & promotions.

He was willing to work some LONG hours to get our project done in a short amount of time – yet never complained or skimped on the details. His attention-to-detail was awesome – helping bring every component and feature to life – to really help my client see exactly what their event could look like.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire Peter again for my next client proposal!"

— Stephanie Rosenbaum | former: Director of Operations, UCG Marketing, Boston, MA | current: Experiential Marketing Professional

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"I'm so happy to have found Peter Beach!

While Peter has created a number of beautiful illustrations for us, most notable was his series of renderings for our Crown Royal NASCAR footprint. Peter accompanied us on the journey from concepting to execution, visually representing the progression of our design while balancing constant client, creative and production group input.

Our team was then, and continues to be, impressed with Peter's dedication and willingness to work late hours, weekends, whatever it takes to meet deadlines. I'm personally most grateful for his consistently upbeat and cooperative attitude.

Peter's illustrations have both a technical precision and an artistic quality evident of his many years in the business. I'd highly recommend Peter for any of your event illustration needs!"

— Judith Blume | Art Director | MKTG/US Concepts - New York, NY

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"We love pbeach!... is a response that arose from our creative department when I mentioned his name.

When you have that many creatives that feel that strongly about one person and his capabilities, you listen.

Responsive, reliable, resourceful, creative techno wizard... a description that comes to mind when I work with Peter. I can count on him to enhance any project and really deliver.

What's additionally amazing to us is the fact that he's been in business for so long and still remains incredibly competitive, price-wise. We find his services, across the board, are consistently below market value."

— Barb Harper | Creative Director | Modem Media-Poppe Tyson - Norwalk, CT

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"I've come to rely on pbeach illustration for his outstanding quality, attention to detail, on-time delivery and customer needs. He has always strived to deliver the best visual imagery to convey our message to a growing global market place. pbeach illustration was very instrumental in helping Veeder-Root obtain our number one strategic objective: we were experiencing difficulty in conveying our message concerning a new service to the market place. Peter recommended the use of specific visual imagery to convey this message instead of bodies of text alone. When we released the marketing materials containing this visual the understanding of the services became very clear to our global customer base. Veeder-Root couldn't have completed this task without pbeach illustration.

I have over fifteen years' experience working in the advertising and marketing industry. Peter is by far the best illustrator and designer I've worked with. He understands the customer's needs; is multi-talented in all areas of illustration and design, whether it's financial, consumer, or industrial, he has the ability to adapt and deliver. He is a great asset to any company's advertising or marketing department."

— Robert K. Stickels | current: New Business Development | Tribune Direct - Hartford, CT [former: Creative Services Manager | Danaher - Veeder-Root - Simsbury, CT]

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"Look at Peter's portfolio and profile and you will see his incredible talents as an illustrator brought to life in life-like digital imagery. Work with Peter and you will experience firsthand his commitment to providing quality work in a professional, timely manner.

We did both, and were pleased with the results.

We asked Peter to create an illustration of our product while it was still in design. Without a prototype to offer as a reference, he had only engineering drawings and sketches from which to work. Peter gladly met the challenge head on and, with meticulous attention to detail, patience under pressure, and a sense of humor, delivered a three-dimensional illustration that accurately depicts our final product today.

Peter's creative talent and attentive customer service truly exceeded our expectations. Contact him today, and allow him to exceed yours."

— Heather Schouten | co-owner - creative director | Coastal Rhythms, Inc. - Sarasota, FL

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"Peter Beach's talents as a digital illustrator cannot be summed up in a few words; in fact, there are not enough words to describe his creative genius, because he is:

- the consummate professional

- tremendous visionary

- meticulous and detail-oriented.

We gave him an assignment to create an impactful billboard of the three brands of cars that we sell; what he created was a three-dimensional mural full of explosive colors in which the cars seem to be coming out of the wall. The only thing missing is the sound of the explosions. It is that real!"

— Lomberto L. Perez, Pres. | AUTOCITY Buick-Pontiac-GMC of Homestead - Pinecrest Florida, Miami, FL

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"Working with pbeach illustration is like having my own in-house illustration/design department! He knows all about our products and marketing objectives and helps us to look very professional and creative.

I've compared Peter's creativity, quality and prices to those at small and large agencies and there's just no comparison. His loyalty to my daily rush requests, his very fast response, turnaround and personal service make him the best illustrator and designer I ever worked with. His work is every bit as good as agencies I've used while routinely shattering my budget projections. With Peter you get everything creative that an agency would provide but with a personal touch and at a fraction of the cost.

Over the past 11 years, I have worked as a marketing and creative director for four software firms throughout greater Metro Boston: InCert Software, Cyrano, excara and Plum River Technology - and as consultant to several more, including Brown&Company and Genalytics and now own my own company; Peter has been my main source for all things creative every step of the way and remains so today."

— Debbie Breen | Senior Director - Implementation Services / EBSCO Health at EBSCO Information Services [former Product Marketing Manager at PlumRiver, LLC | PurchasingCenter.com - Burlington, MA]

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"Peter Beach is always willing to listen to your dilemma (because you usually call him at the last minute!) and he always pulls through for you and makes time in his schedule for your project. He does a great job and is very precise in drawing the product and solves the drawings even when you can't figure out how the real product works!"

— Jodi Remaklus | Art Director | Reebok International - Stoughton, MA

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"I've been working with pbeach illustration since I joined Parker Brothers (Hasbro) seven years ago. Peter has always been willing to go the extra mile to helped us to create easy to follow, assembly illustrations. He is a true professional, always turning out great stuff under tight deadlines."

— Steve Krupsky | Senior Art Director | Adrenaline Design - Manchester, MA

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"Peter Beach is the first (and last!) illustrator I have worked with. He is an amazing talent with a keen ability for creating sophisticated and attractive designs. He can take an idea from concept to reality without specific step-by-step instruction and the end result is always stunning. When it comes to designers I feel I've found the best in the business! Peter has provided invaluable service to PlumRiver Technology in an expeditious and cost effective manner. It is a tremendous pleasure to work with him and I look forward to continuing our collaboration."

— Heather Goodrow | Corporate Marketing Specialist | PlumRiver Technology - Salisbury, MA

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"Working with Peter is always a pleasure. He is one of the only vendors I work with that can keep up with the fast pace at which we work. Our department is too small to bring this work in-house but working with Peter is like having an extra member here on our team at all times (and that does include weekends and nights). Peter is always able to make our thoughts a reality, graphically representing even the most boring of technical terms in a new and exciting way. Although our company is expanding, his is an outstanding resource we will never outgrow."

— Sarah Wilson | Marketing Program Manager | InCert Software Corporation - Boston, MA

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"I've worked with a lot of illustrators at Hasbro and Peter Beach is one of the best. His talent and dedication to my projects have always exceeded my expectations. He is versatile, extremely fast, and always delivers exactly what I'm looking for. Whenever I'm stumped by a particularly complicated illustration problem, Peter is right there with a new approach and a brilliant suggestion.

I wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future or recommend him to my colleagues."

— Kim Kamins | Designer | Hasbro Games - Beverly, MA

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"I would like to thank Peter Beach for the extensive work that he has done promoting my Puckstoppers®, World Hockey Tours® and Pre-Prep Showcase® Hockey tournament over the years. He has established a unique, consistent and memorable look where none existed before; a look that easily allows me to separate and rise above my competition in the crowded hockey school marketplace.

Whether it's my logos, tee shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, hockey jerseys, newspaper and tournament book ads, training camp posters or brochures, his work is by far the best that I have seen and I routinely get compliments as proof !!! The van graphics he did for me have directly resulted in many additional hits to my web site and sign-ups to my Online Application form. Peter meets the deadline every time. Again I cannot say enough about his creativity, he does a great job."

— Bob Rotondo | Puckstoppers Goaltending School Director - Boston, MA

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"Why didn't I know about Peter Beach sooner? As I think about projects from my past, it is apparent that if I had known Peter and was aware of his vast skill set, I would have saved myself much aggravation and stress!

Peter has done simply outstanding work for us. We have had situations where exceptional skill and speed have been necessary in a moment's notice. And, even in the most adverse situations and with ridiculous deadlines looming, he has produced some of the best work I have ever seen."

— George Karalias | Director of Marketing Programs | Karalias Advertising - Merrimac, MA

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"pbeach illustration has been a great boost to my business with the development of my logo and web site; his creations and ideas show he has endless imagination to customize and jump-start anyone's business. The response has been great and I highly recommend him.

His professional approach is second to none."

— Steve Leach | Former Boston Bruin, 15 year NHL veteran, owner, founder of Hockey Visions - Wakefield, MA

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"We take great pleasure in writing this Letter of Testimonial for Peter Beach of pbeach illustration! We have been fortunate to work along with Peter on many different types of projects over the past couple of years. His work is extraordinary, as you will see by viewing his portfolio and samples. His designs are unique, captivating and have a strong up-to-date appeal.

Synergy Graphics has printed various pieces with Peter, including pocket folders, brochures, promotional mailings and many types of datasheets, as well as worked on many other unique projects with him. The files he prepares for his clients are clean and easy for Synergy Graphics to work with. We have found his work to be exceptional. This is advantageous to his clients in both timesaving and a smooth running project once it gets to the printer.

Peter's sincere concern with each and every project is apparent while working with him. He is always available to ask questions and keeps close in touch with the progression of each step in the process. We are delighted to recommend Peter Beach as a qualified and extremely talented Designer and Illustrator."

— Frank Armstrong – President / Tony Renaccio – AE | Synergy Graphics Inc. - Burlington, MA

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"During my tenure at Newburyport Press, Inc., I've had the pleasure of doing business with Peter Beach on countless occasions. Peter's illustrations are visually stunning and he has a great eye for graphic design. We've printed dozens of pieces for multiple clients that were designed by Peter. My staff and I know take comfort in knowing that if the job was built by Peter, it will be a smooth run.

I can honestly say that every job that I've ever run for Peter whether a simple black and white newspaper ad or a multi-page 4 color process brochure has run with no trouble whatsoever. I've been in the Digital Prepress Industry for over ten years and in that time I've seen every conceivable digital pitfall that a graphic designer can make. Peter's files are immaculate and they're a breeze to output and run on press."

— Randall Jackson | Prepress Manager | Newburyport Press, Inc. - Newburyport, MA

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